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Caroline Thompson, 1943 – 2006

This page is a special tribute toCaroline Thompson, one of the brighter flames that recently illuminated our virtual halls. She will be missed.


FROM: “Ed Oberg”


Dear Members

I am taking the liberty, on behalf of the members of the Gravitational Anomalies Group (GA), of pay tribute to one of our members Caroline Thompson. 

Caroline Thompson joined GA in June 2001, she was one of early members of GA.  She later agreed assist me and become a moderator of GA. 

Ironically she was born in the same year as myself -1943.  Maybe that year was a year for mavericks, which she certainly was.  When she joined GA, she began to post her material.  After reading her postings, I just had to make contact with her, rather than communicate by email and posts.  I had the privilege of talking to her in late 2001.  We had a great chat about all matters (pardon the pun) gravitational and physical. 

She has been a real breath of fresh air to this group and will be sorely missed by all members of the group.  I am sure some of you who have had some interaction with her at length on particular issues, will particularly regret her passing. 

VALE Caroline Thompson 

I will also forward this tribute to her family on behalf of the GA Group.  Yours sincerely   Ed Oberg, Moderator [Gravitational Anomalies] (added) 


FROM: “Ray Tomes”  



Dear All,

It is with deep regret that we write to inform you that Caroline Thompson passed away on Wednesday 8th February 2006. She had bravely fought cancer for several years, until she finally succumbed. Despite her illness she continued to work tirelessly for what she believed in. We still hope to get her final paper “The Chaotic Ball” published posthumously and we will keep her website open for others to read.  

She will be missed greatly by her husband John, and her children Daniel and Chloe. 

********************************************************************************************** FROM: “Arkadiusz Jadczyk” 

As my own tribute to Carolyne, who was always searching for the truth,I would like to remind you that in 2003 Myron W. Evans was attempting tosue Caroline and theUniversity of
Wales trying to shut down her website down.

Caroline wrote to me at that time:  

“I have no salary either, and no prospects of one! The difference between usis that I do not assume the world owes me one. I expect he (Evans) believes asstrongly as I do that his physics is right.” 

What else can I add …… 



FROM: “Ray Tomes”

For those that were interested in Caroline Thompson, here is a picture of her and I together on the local beach in Wales when I visited her there.  

While I am at it, here is one taken also in Wales when I went to Sir Fred Hoyles Memorial Conference.  

regards Ray

ray-and-caroline.jpg fred-hoyle-conference.jpg **********************************************************************************************Hans


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